Our mission

“Maximum Efficient Use of Knowledge”

We accomplish this by providing researcher teams with simple tools to co-ordinate their development efforts & then commercialize the related technology.

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R&D Tax Credit Funding

Est. Jan. 1,2000 MEUK Corporation provides systems & consulting for R&D research Project via Grants & Tax Credits (SRED). We are the primary developers of Rdbase.net on-line software which allows research teams to co-ordinate research efforts, patent, grant & tax credit applications efficiently.

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MEUK co-ordinate investment opportunities for innovative projects and help entrepreneurs to develop corporate strategies including accounting, legal, patent, investment acquisition , business planning, market evaluation and financial forecasting.

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Business planning

We also developed an online portal ( business plans on-line) to help entrepreneurs to build investor-grade business plans ,market research and analysis, competitive analysis and financial analysis and forecasting,  and capital formation strategy.

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